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Any one interested in purchasing my book (Angling on the Iveragh Peninsula) get in touch A,S,A,P as they are going fast, the book is all about fishing marks for Bass and much more in south Kerry,

11/01/2015 A Cod session

Out again Monday night what a night I brought home 13 codling most were around 2 to 3 lb with a few touching the 4lb mark, it will probable be my last session on the cod as I am going to concentrate on the bass, as we catch bass here 12 months of the year, can't wait to get out on the kayaks. keep an eye out for my facebook page, (kerry bass fishing) and (waterville bass fishing) for photos

16/12/2014 codling
16/12/2014 out again last night and caught 10 codling to 2 to 3lb, 3 flounder 1 whiting and brought 9 codling home, all fillet and in the freezer plus 1 for dinner hmhm,


A Cod season for a change 12/12/2014
Out on the codling last night giving the bass a rest, I caught 14 cod to 4lb, have a guess what I am having with chips and looking forward to it, there seems to be a lot of fish around at the moment which is good to see, the summer was a mixed season, especially with the bass, they seem to be more of a winter fish than summer, just goes to show the seasons have gone to bits,


out again today with only 3 bass coming to the rods, lost a few more but that's fishing, I might try again tomorrow,

6/12/2014 BASS
Bass Galore, when most people concentrate on cod this time of year, I am still banging out the Bass, been home from holidays just over a week now and it was my first time out, I caught 6 Bass to 4lb and lost a few more, I only fished for 1 hour 30mins and boy did I enjoy, the Bass are plentiful down here at the moment, and I might even get out tomorrow also, I really did enjoy, I am convinced we got the best bass fishing in Europe if not the world,

Sep 11th
out fishing with Steven west from Scotland, we were looking for mullet and a nice conger eel of 17 lb turned up, I put in a bit of ground bait to see if I could get the fish feeding, and within 10mins Steve hooked the fish and lost it I said don't worry give it a few mins and he may be back so has we hang around, the conger came out to play again and this time we put on a head of a mackerel, dropped it down in front of him, and then he took the bait, I said lift the rod Steve and the fish took off, I thought the rod was going to break it was only a spinning rod, but after a few mins he landed the eel a cracking conger of 17lb that put a smile on is face, well done.

Sep 9th
out fishing again last night with Martin Ross from Isle of Lewis and Mike Allan from Aberdeenshire and Julian Smith from Kingsale, it was a tough night with only 1 bass coming to soft plastics, that bass was caught bye Martin his very first bass and weight in at 7lb 3oz well done for that,

Sep 5th
out fishing with Rudy and Hendrik Ike from Great missenden and Martin Lockley from Banbury on the first day Rudy & Martin landed 5 Bass to 6lb they where well pleased, on the second day we hit the Kayaks. it was a tough day with only a few Pollack coming to the rods, but they all caught fish

August 31st
Had a few lads down from Kilkenny, was hoping to go out on the kayaks on Friday but the wind was up so we decided to fish the beach, and first to catch fish was Matthew with a Turbot and shortly followed by Rory with a nice Flounder, and then James had a double hook up, they caught 18 fish in all, considering the weather conditions they done very well, but on Saturday the wind calm down a small bit enough for us to get out on the kayaks, and again Matthew was firs to catch fish with a bass of 3lb and then the pollack stared making a show, all the lads bagged up, it turned out ok at the end, A big thanks to John, James, Matthew, Alan, Rory, well done lads

Sep 1st
James Darby Best experience ever for a fantastic weekend of fishing kayaking a bed to put the head down and a few pints this is the place to go we were well looked after and caught some pretty big fish. thanks kev looking forward to our next visit already

August 25th
getting ready for a days kayaking , there was 7 of us out on the kayaks and we all caught fish, but there was one young man who stood out above us all, that was young Killian from France who caught the biggest pollack of the day, A fine fish of 5lb 8oz well done, with Mark Brogden.

August 18th
out fishing with Frank Barbe and son Killian from Eecke France, Killian caught is first Conger eel and good flounder he was well pleased, and said thank you very much,

August 5th
out fishing on the kayaks today with Ken from Meopham and Dave from Dubai and last but not least Sarah from London, the day started slow enough with only a few pollack coming to the rods, but after a few hours things really got going with Ken making the most of the pollack and catching a few to 3 to 4lb and in the last half hour Sarah caught a cracking 7lb pollack she have never caught fish before and never handled a fish before but after some convincing she will be OK, I got these photos to share with you,

July 31st
out fishing for mullet with David and Val Bracher from England with some success a nice Mullet of 4lb and a few Flounder also,

July 18th
another good day at the office, out guiding with Pascal from France on the kayaks where we caught some good bass to 6lb and pollack to 7lb another happy client

July 7 bass and pollack
Kerry Bass Fishing added 2 new photos. July 7 out with clients pascal from France we caught Bass to 5lb it was tuff going but I did again,

June 27
we caught some good pollack on the kayaks, here is mick with a nice pollack, and the weather is kind to us, and the next day we went after Mullet and mick caught this cracker of 4lb on 4lb line the fish took 60 meters of line in the first run what a fight, well done mick, from Plymouth, with William G. Panagos.

20 June Mullet
20 June out with a client catching Think Lip Mullet good fun, and then out on the Kayaks having lots of fun with the pollack, and making most of the sun, Bass seem to be slow enough at the moment with the bay full of sprat and sandeel Kerry Bass Fishing's photo. Kerry Bass Fishing's photo.

May 8th salmon on the river
out on the river this morning at 6am and second cast hooked a fine 6lb salmon out and back in 1/2 hour I wish that could happen all the time, but there again it would not be much fun

Kerry Bass Fishing April 16
here we go again bass of 5lb plus hope its going to be as good as last year.

22/02/14 Salmon on troll and fly
my son Sion was a gillie for noel the last 2 days, they caught a salmon on the troll yesterday 9lb and caught another one today on the fly a little over 9lb, well done Lads proud of you, www,


Bass season opens 16/06/14
Bass season is up on us again very excited its my time of year, watch this space. there will be shore and kayak fishing for the next 5 months, you can swim and hide but I will find you,




Hi Guys, sorry for no results for the past few weeks, but now good news there are lots of Bass hitting the shore in big numbers, so get out there catching them, Also we will be doing the show at swords in Dublin on the 15th & 16 of feb see you there, ALSO MY NEW BOOK WILL BE ON SALE AT THE SHOW, (Angling on the Iveragh Peninsula)


19/10/2013 bass on the first cast

I was out doing a interview on 19/10/2013 with Kerry radio, on my time as a fishing guide in Waterville co Kerry, after 1 hour of talking and saying how we came to live in Ireland, we got the rods and went for a cast, and on the first cast after 15 mins of fishing I landed a 6lb bass, he said I have never seen anything like that before, it should be out on Kerry radio early next year, after I finished my friend frank phoned me from Kenmare, so I told him to come up for a cast on the following day which he did, and after 1 hour fishing frank hooked into a nice bass of 3lb 8oz and I said yes job done again well done, I have not failed once at this mark this year.

great success again this year
the Bass stared slow in the season with the easterly winds, but when the season got going and the water warmed up it was great, I don't think it was as good as last year, but it seemed to be a lot of bass around 4 to 5lb mark, and what I did notice this year that the bass fought a lot harder then I have ever seen before, and the condition of the bass was the best I have ever seen, so there must have been a lot of feed for them, the further looks good for bass.

18/09/2013 BASS

out bass fishing with 4 lads from France, they have never been bass before, they done very well they caught 11 bass all around 4 to 5lb, and then went fishing the river Inny and caught salmon to 5lb there is no stopping these lads now

the last few days 17/9/13

been fishing with big Phil from Belfast, my god we have caught some bass lots around 4 to 5lb with the odd one over 8lb, it as been great, watch for a few photos on my face book page, (Kerry bass fishing) and (Waterville bass fishing)

september 2013 A few lads over from Bristol

I had 4 lads over from Bristol and they did pretty well, they caught bass to 8lb 8oz and Pollack to 4lb mullet to 3lb 8oz and Bull Huss to 7lb with lots of flounder, turbot, mackerel, the list goes on, its great to have a good few lads over and have some great crack with them,

Bass and more Bass

where to start, I have had some great bass fishing over the last few weeks, even having the wife out fishing for the bass, and on her first day out christine caught bass to 4lb the best to date, untill I was sneaking out of bed early in the morning and she opened one eye and said where are you going, I replyed for a cast not with out me she said, we caught 5 bass to 8lb look at my face book page, with results,

kayak fishing 11/08/13

what a day we had on the kayaks with Kevin, pat, & Kieran from Dublin they caught Pollack,Thornback and spotted Rays, Gurnet, Mackerel,(Turbot, was the fish of the day,) just to mention a few, it was a very good day and the lads went home to Dublin rather burnt with the sun, see you soon lads, Tight lines,


6/08/13 Bass on kayaks

out today with Paul from England, the day started fairly slow for the first 2 hours and I moved to a different mark only a few 100 meters away, we caught plenty of Pollack to 3lb and then decided to go for bass and we were well in with bass to 8lb on the kayaks and a few more came later on.


we have had some good bass fishing over last few days,I had some Lads down from Dublin, they hooked 16 bass in all, and was delighted with the fishing, with the weather it made a big difference with the fishing, fish have started to move all over the bay, I hope it gets warm again soon.

23/07/13 bass pollack & mullet

I have been having some great bass & Pollack fishing over the last few weeks with this beautiful weather, biggest bass of 7lb & Pollack to 9lb from the kayaks, also some great mullet on the fly to 4lb

14/07/13 fishing

well its been a while since I put on a report, you know the reason why, But I have been doing fishing from the shore and kayaks, and on both of these I have caught lots of bass to 7lb and mullet to 5lb its been unbelievable over the last few weeks with the amount of bass and mullet, we also caught rays to 8lb from the kayak that was good, Place, Dabs, there is so much I could say but I must use my discretion, or someone will use this report as there own, BAST---S

1/6/13 mixed fish

I was joined by 3 Lads from Belfast today for some fishing, Steve Ronnie and Johnny, I have seen this place where I wanted to try for a good number of years but I needed the right sort of lads, to do the walk and climb down to get to this mark, after driving for a good bit we got out of the cars and had a look at this mark it didn't look to bad until we went over the first field and looked down, ho no come on lads we can get down there, which we did it wasn't so bad going down and it was well worth it with Johnny hooking up right away with the biggest male cuckoo wrasse I have ever seen and a Pollack on the same trace, what a start Ronnie was into some good Pollack and then Steve started with Ling and conger eel it did not stop, and the we caught coal fish, pouting, Ballen wrasse, I lost count how many species of fish we caught, so after 4 hours fishing we were not looking forward to walk back, the hill must have been a 2 in 1 rise which is very steep, and after we got back to the cars I said never again, will I do that walk, tight lines, the rest of the lads could not speak.,p>










25/05/13 Pollack

Pollack have stared to show in good numbers, I was out on the kayaks and for the first time this year the fish finder was beeping like mad, so on goes the jelly worms and shads, and in a few mins we where into pollack the biggest was 7lb all caught and released, and I must say its about bloody time,

6/5/13 A few fish have have started to move
A few fish have started to move in, with the water a little colder then last year for this time of year, fish have now started to hit the shore again with some good Pollack and mullet and a few reports coming in with bass to 6lb caught by pat from cork, and a good few coming on the fly but all small 3lb max

18/04/13 salmon on the river

I went up the river first time this year and was rewarded with a nice 7lb 10oz salmon caught on the black bird fancy, good fight

11/04/13 Kayak fishing

managed to get out on the kayaks about time, we managed a few Pollack but the water clarity is still bad, but I would say as soon as it clears it will go wild and boy I am really looking forward to that,

March 2013 SALE, SALE, SALE


14/02/2013 Bass

I went for a cast with my son sion, I caught 4 bass in four casts, and sion turned to me and said how do you do it? its what I know and where to cast maybe in a few years you will be able to read the water and find where the fish are, it takes a long time to do that,

New book

My new book is now Available form Waterville Angling Centre & my web site, {Angling on the Iveragh Peninsula} and will be on sale at get hooked city west Dublin on the 2nd & 3rd of february 2013

4/1/2013 bass & flounder

I was out fishing with Carl & tom from cork, it was a bit slow to start, but then picked up tom catching a good few flounder, not bad when he have never cast a rod before, and carl caught flounder, bass, and seatrout, all in all not a bad day, allthough there were a few lads fishing the beach, we were the only ones to catch fish, its what I know.

22/12/2012 bass & flounder

I just got in, I was fishing with a frend from kenmare, Frank he really done well he caught 3 bass to 3lb 8oz and 2 flounder 1lb 6oz in 1 hour and 30mins well done that man, me I was very slow to get out of the blocks I only had 1 bass 2lb thats fishing.


18/12/2012 Bass flounder & seatrout

I just came in, me and a good friend Ivor, went out for a cast fishing where we caught 11 bass to 3lb 4 flounder and on Ivor last cast he caught a spent seatrout of 2lb, it all happed so quick, there was nothing for the first hour and then it was like someone putting on a light switch we caught all the fish in a hour, we could not bait up quick enough with the weather being so rough over last few weeks I was itching to get out and do some tidy fishing and as soon as it calmed down it paid off, just waiting for the big bass now january onwards, lets get at them.

11/12/20112 new book

Hi guys my new book should be on sale at the end of january if all goes ok its called (Angling on the Iveragh Peninsula) I will also be at the city west hotel Dublin 2nd & 3rd February doing the Hooked Live show, hope to see you there, I will be the stall with the kayak, tight lines

28/10/2012 bass and flounder

There are still a good few bass around, most are getting caught on baits but the odd 1 or 2 coming out on plugs, as Martin from Glasgow found out, and flounder are starting to it the beaches hard, so it looks to be great winter fishing times ahead.

13/10/2012 LOTS OF BASS

I was fishing with my son sion today, what a session it turned out to be,

we caught 18 bass and lost a few more, and all reasonable good ones smallest was 3lb and the biggest was 6lb but they came in thick and fast,

I have had some of my best bass fishing this year, with some really top quality fishing, lots of bass from 4lb to 6lb and a few between 6lb and 8lb 4oz and then a good few bass under 4lb its been an incredible year for me again.


just got in, I went out for a cast on spur of the moment and caught 11 bass,in less then 2 hours fishing, and I lost just has many,

I sometimes think that spur of the moment pays off with better fishing, the biggest bass was only 4lb but great fun on light tackle.

07/10/20012 kayaks

what a day nice on the kayaks, it was like a summers day myself frances and pat went out from derrynane a nice day the fishing was slow with only a few pollack and dog fish and dabs being caught, I was flat out trying to get a photo of a ray from the kayaks for my book which did not happen, the new book should be out and on sale by the end of January, or you can see me in get hooked in dublin in februay 3rd and 4th,


Sorry for no resulys since may, but there is a reason for it, there is one guy localy that looks at my web site and fishing results, and he uses my results as if he is catching the fish, P r - - - now his fishing have gone shit,

Now what a season, the bass fishing was a bit slow to start with from open season 16 june for a good time, wearther played a big part of it

so we went and caught a lot of pollack, flounder, wrasse, place,flounder, turbot, trigger fish, mackerel was very slow this season all year,

lots of kayak fishing with some top results of pollack to 8lb, a good bass and a few place and dabs and lots of specimin ballen wrasse to 6lb,

now moving on to the last few weeks, I had big phil from belfast down for a few weeks. he could not have timed it any better we caught 68 bass in 3 days smallest 3/12 lb and the biggest was 8lb 4oz if we would have landed every fish we would have caught over 100 bass and I lost one which was a double, on light gear , all fish was returned alive, for me and my cliants next time,I also caught a 12lb blond ray from a beach first cast, and a few t/b/ray,

If you need to know any results you can phone me or email, and I will tell you what the fishing is like. Tight lines and sorry again but I need to be a bit carful, what I put up on the site



now closed season for bass, give them a rest until the 16th June, still lots more to go and catch, plenty of mullet & Pollack, on the fly & soft baits & plugs, stared catching spurdogs from the kayaks, unbelievable fight, lots of fun with seatrout to 2lb, weather trying to warm up, sooner the better.

kayak fishing end of April

been out a good few times on kayaks with clients over the past few days, with some good size pollack to 7lb, bass are a little slow with only small ones to 3lb coming to the rod on lure and fly, need the weather to warm up a bit more and I think we will see much better results for the bass,

28/04/2012 A day on the kayaks

well what a day on the kayaks, I had 4 lads down from the Belfast area, where they had a good days fishing, with the easterly winds it was hard to get some shelter in the waterville area, but we found a little cove and fished for a couple of hours everyone caught fish, all pollack to about 5lb not great but with these winds we done good, all the lads where happy, let the winds change and calm down.


What a week of fishing, we have had for bass and Pollack, I have had people out with me from France, England, Germany, and local anglers from Tarbet in north Kerry, 2 lads from Youghal in the cork area, and father and son from Derry in northern Ireland, first the lad from France, this lad had the biggest bass of the week weight in at only 5lb 8oz not big but it was his biggest bass ever, so that not so bad, next I had 2 lads from England these lads done well on bass and Pollack, biggest bass was only 4lb and Pollack to 6lb they were very happy, lads from Germany also done very well they caught 3 bass and a good few Pollack, local anglers from Kerry done well to, they hooked the most bass and lost a good few their biggest bass was 5lb, 2 lads from youghal in co cork, I had these lads out on kayaks it was tough with the winds, but we managed to get some good Pollack to 6lb, last but not least father and son from Derry they have never been bass fishing before they caught 2 nice bass to 3lb they were very happy, what a week.

10th & 11th MARCH City west Dublin


02/03/2012 Bass

out with a friend last night who is over from the UK, and haven't caught a bass for over 3 years, so I took him on a local beach where he caught bass and flounder, he was delighted, and thanked me very much, he said I forgot how good the bass fishing his around where you live,Tight lines.

28/02/2012 A few small bass and flounder,

I went out for a cast today, expecting to see some nice bass at this time of year, but only managed a few small bass and flounder, we need to see the surf getting bigger, to have a chance at the larger bass, or calming right down to get out on the fly or lures. I can't wait to get out on the Kayaks again. Get hooked at city west show is on the 10th & 11th of march so looking forward to seeing some of you lads there.

22/02/2012 bass

with a bit of a surf up, I went out for a cast with Ivor today, we went to one of my local marks, with lug worm and razor fish, after the first hour I started to get a bit board with no bites coming to either rod, and then it was like someone ringing the dinner bell we caught 6 Bass in less then 1 hour, a quick shoal of bass came through, and we made the most of it, not big but good fun, all around 2lb to 3lb

.hooked live city west Dublin 10&11/03/2012

any one going to hooked live in city west see you there, sat 10th and sun 11, good and well worth going to, Tight lines,,


2 brothers came down from cork today and called in our tackle shop for advise and some bait, and asked where to go fishing, so I put them on a reasonable mark where I catch plenty of bass, on the first cast while one of the lads was still setting up he hooked into a specimen bass of 11lb 4oz what a start, they phoned me straight away to thank me well done guys,

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A good few anglers out fishing over the past 2 weeks, with some tremendous reports, a few lads came down from cork and went back with a smile, they caught a good few bass to 5lb, and 2 more lads came down from Limerick, still not sure how they got on, but some of our local angler have been out, and there are plenty of bass & flounder and some small whiting, keep it up lads.


A bit of a get together, I got a few lads together to do a bit of fishing for flounder and bass, and more important is to teach them what traces and baits to use in different conditions, well what a session it turned out to be, with a fair amount of flounder and some nice bass, we had out Mike Ryan for the first time ever beach fishing, he bought rods and reels from 2 years ago and never found time to go fishing, until now he caught the biggest flounder over 2lb and then caught a bass to 10lb now I think he will be doing a bit more fishing, well done.


I had 4 Lads from Holland and France, out fishing on one of our beaches they have never done any beach fish before, and despite the bad weather everyone caught fish which is a very nice, all flounder biggest about 1lb 8oz they were well pleased.

23/12/2011 what A session

what A session on the flounder me and my son sion had, when we went out to get a few photos of some fish,for my new book, little did we realise what a session it turned into, the amount of flounder we caught was incredible well over 25 flats to 2lb and 1 small bass in about 2 hours fishing, it was none stop from the first cast.

18/12/2011 Bass & Flounder

I was out for a few casts last night, I caught 4 Bass to 4lb, and 9 Flounder biggest was 1-8oz very enjoyable session for 3 hours fishing, I just cant wait for it to calm down so I can get out on the kayaks.


26/11/2011 bass and flounder

back from the hols, and catching bass, I had 2 lads from Belfast Alan and Dave, at the weekend, they have never caught bass before, untill now they caught 7 bass to 6lb and a few flounder, all fish was returned alive,well done lads,no more bass virgins, dispite the rough weather and high winds,they done well.


I went out to do some bass fishing, and surprised to see there were lots of bass around I caught 9 in all, and the biggest was around 4lb not big but plenty of bass, bait crab and razor fish

bass & mullet fishing,02/10/11

big Phil, down from Belfast, stayed with us for a few days, where he caught a few mullet to 5lb6oz and a good few bass to 4lb, he went home with a smile, see you next year.

Article for Holland 26/9/11

First article for holland angling magazine, it was a tough few days but we managed a few bass, pollack, mullet, mackerel, wrasse, and we caught a conger eel every drop down, not big about 10lb was the bigest,

bass on plugs 14/09/2011

The weather as been so bad over the last 2 weeks I could not get out to do any sort of sea fishing,no kayak fishing, but we managed to ge a break on wednesday 14th, and we were rewarded with 6 bass to 8lb in the morning tide and 5 more in the evening tide to 5lb all on plugs, all bass came from the same area,it as been one of the best season I have seen for salmon this year, in our rivers, fly fishing, spining, and worming,

02/09/2011 Kayak fishing

I was out on the kayaks today with Arther from limerick we caught 8 bass to 4lb 8oz, and caught over 20 pollack to 7lb, we had a very good start this morning and it slowed up a little later on, but not a bad day.All on the Kayaks

31/08/2011 plenty of bass pollack and mullet

I have been out a good few times over the last couple of weeks, with great results, from shore and the kayaks, plenty of bass to 7lb and pollack, to over 10lb, kayak fishing proven to be the best, today we caught 11 bass to 5lb and i lost count how many pollack we caught, biggest pollack today was 8lb it just didnt stop, I am in pain we caught so many fish, I also seen lots of sholes of bass, which was nice to see, there have been a few gilthead bream showing up


A few results week ending 16/07/11

I add Andy and son john, and john friend Dan, from England kayak fishing, on the first day out we caught 7 bass to 9lb and over 40 Pollack to 7lb, what a great start for these lads, two days later we went out again and managed 1 bass and about 15 Pollack to 8lb bass have slowed up a bit, but some big Pollack on fly and jig heads, the lads went out on there own and caught plenty of Pollack to 6lb, and on the last day I took them back out were we caught 4 bass to just over 3lb and about 30 Pollack to 6lb, all kayak fishing I cant wait for the weather to calm down to get back out again there are a lot more results from shore fly fishing and plugging, but I am afraid to put them on the web site as the goverment have not made up there minds about opening commercal bass fishing yet, GOD HELP US.

sorry for the delay, but I have done a few articles for different magazines on kayak fishing, Ireland, Germany,and French, I was out filming for the French but the weather was against us, but we still managed lots of Pollack to 8lb and a few bass before closed season, for Germany we caught Pollack to 7lb and lots of them on the fly, for Ireland the wind was blowing very hard and we caught Pollack and a few bass, it was a tuff day, KNOW WE HAVE FISHING KAYAKS FOR HIRE 3 SINGLES AND 1 DOUBLE

4/4/2011 some good reports

some good reports coming in of Plenty of bass around, the biggest I have heard of is a nice bass of 7lb 8oz by John Osborn, my self just managed 3 bass of around 3lb or so, still cant find the big ones, only a matter of time.


we are now hiring top quality fishing Kayaks for any one to catch bass and Pollack, on the fly or soft baits, great fun and easy to use. phone for details and booking

21/03/2011 bass

I went out on one of my marks today, I left my house at 4pm and got back home at 6pm,I was free lineing a crab, no weights, on my first cast I landed a 4lb bass, on the second cast a 6lb bass, and then it went nuts, I caught 7 more bass in about 30mins, 9 in total in less then 2 hours fishing,some times I would cast the crab and as I tightened up the bass would take, it would be that quick, and all the bass are returned alive.

Salmon 13lb 12oz Lough Currane 8/3/2011

Out fishing in the lake today with my son sion,and he was the top gille yet again, we cauhgt a fine salmon 13lb 12oz on plug the fish was 31 inch lone and 18.5 inch girth what a fine fish it took me over 30mins to land the fish, back out soon,Tight lines for now.


Bass 05/02/11

I only went out two wet the line, with a big surf running I went to one of my marks on the first cast I hooked a small Bass of 3lb not what I was looking for, on the second cast again I hooked another Bass of about the same size 3lb or so, I found the Bass was a long way out, so I put on some extra bait to try for the big one, and as I was wadeing out the wind picked up and I tryed to cast as far as I could, the wind put pay to that as I only got out about 40mets, I could hardly stand up with the wind blowing so hard so I called a day 3 casts and 2 Bass, still no big one's,

27/01/11 monkstown co cork cod & whiting

me and my son sion went down to fish monkstown in cork, we could not believe the amount of fish we caught, every cast we would be pulling in 2 cod or whiting every cast, after about 30 fish it was enough for me, and decided to call it a day, biggest cod was about 3lb and whiting to about 1 lb

26/01/11 two hours beach fishing

despite the cold weather the bass are still in good numbers, I went to one of my beach marks, and hooked and landed 3 bass all around the 3lb marc I was using razor fish as bait, I am hopeing the weather is going to warm up a bit as I can not wait to get out on the fishing kayaks

09/12/10 bass and flounder

Fishing on one of our local beaches we caught a good few flounder around 2 1/2lb we also had some nice bass to 6lb 4 in all, I think the weather is a bit to cold to get bass in great numbers, I need to get back out on the kayaks.

02/12/10 holidays

Just came back from Cuba, I was trying a new fly rod out for Airflow, a 8/9 Bluetooth nano 9ft salt water fly rod. When we went out with the guide, we were fishing for bone fish,I caught lots of bone fish and one sting ray of about 40lb on the fly, it was like being hooked to a back of a car, the fish run for 80meters or more,and to my suprise I had the fish landed in 20mins, when I was testing this rod I put it under serious pressure. To land a 40lb stingray was very good, I also landed a bone fish of 17lb estimated, it was 36inch long from tip of nose to fork of tail, this fish on the first run took over 150 meter of line, on the second run 90meters we then saw the fish after 25 mins by this time my arms were dropping off, and a few more mins the fish was landed and a few photos then returned alive, I have been told this bone fish is in the top ten of the world caught on the fly, I am well pleased with the new fly rod well done Airflow, and thank you,{YOU ARE NOT HAVING IT BACK}.

kayak fishing 30/10/10

since I have done an article for the french lads, I have had my eyes opened, I have been out a good few times trying to catch bass with a Kayak, I just can't believe how many bass and pollack,we are catching, all on fly and lead heads. I have 2 kayak's at present,of which I can take one person out fishing at the moment, also I am getting another 2 kayak's which will be for hire 4 in total. This is unbelievable way to catch bass, that extra few yards of the shore, makes a difference. The 2 kayaks are available now for hire.


SORRY FOR THE DELAY I don't know where to begin, after the government still have not made up there mind to bring in commercial fishing for bass, I have held back on all fishing on the web site, so now its time to up date some results, I have done a few articles for different magazine over the past few mouths, on bass fishing, Pollack and lots more, but the one I done two weeks ago, even I had a shock , I had 2 lads over from France, we caught 75 bass in a few days one over 10lb also one under 3lb keep an eye on the web site next year and I will tell you how they were caught and on what method, also been fishing with Mike thrussel where I showed him were and how to catch trigger fish, he was absolutely delighted, and then he tells me it was is 99 different species he have caught between the UK and Ireland, some achievement, I have been teaching a good few people how to catch mullet with great success, a good few poeple from the UK.


pollack,wrasse,mackerel, trout all last week from the 25th

out with clients last week, where we bagged up on all diffrent speices, they had a great time, and then we went on the lake, fly fishing for seatrout and brown trout and caught a good few fish,

14/05/10 last bass

well I managed to get out before closed season for bass, which is the (15th may until 15th June), I was out guiding a lad from Germany, he caught is biggest bass to date on a plug, a fine bass of 8lb plus, he landed 2 more and lost 2 more, and also caught a seatrout of 3lb on a popper plug only the second time I have ever seen it done.

sorry for the delay 27/04/10

The reason I have not put much on the web is the Irish government are thinking of reopening commercial bass fishing, so I have been holding back for as long as I could, but now for the results, there are so many bass around, my head is spinning, I had 2 lads out from Austria one day last week, and one of them got 28 bass on fly, plug,and red gill, the other lad had 17 bass all around 35cm to 50cm, I also just came in from fishing, I went to try bait and on my second cast I landed a 5lb bass, there is no stoping it I HOPE, tight lines.

bass on the fly 12/04/10

A good few bass have started to show on the fly and plugs nothing big, to about 5lb if the weather stays calm we should have a good year for the game angler,

06/04/10 bass

bass fishing was very good last week, I had big phil from the north & andy from england over for a few days they caught 27 bass to 3lb ok not big but great fun, they also went on the Lake and had plenty of seatrout which is very good.

20/02/10 bass

I was out guiding with a few lads from clonakillty after bass, with the weather not the best for bass, we still managed 5 bass in all, the best was 5lb, I was really hopeing to get a big one for them as it is this time of year that the big female come to shore, we get it soon,

15/02/10 salmon

sion my son caught a nice salmon of 10'lb on lough currane a good start to the season, some good results coming in for the amount of bass around

Bass 25/01/10

Bass have stared to hit the beach again in force, After fishing my comp at the weekend I had some bait left over, razorfish so I managed to get out for a quick cast. I had 4 casts and landed 2 bass to 5lb and lost one more, hear we go again,6

Late xmas comp 23/01/10
Due to the weather, our xmas comp from the 28/12/09 had to be cancelled until 23/01/10 which went very well. There were 39 flounder and 3 bass caught, the biggest flounder coming to a junior angler Gavin Corbett of 41cm, and biggest bass of a measly 35cm, to Joe O'Dwyer, both won the pools, it was a cracking day all round with all anglers catching fish, apart from one, but its the taking part that counts. (winner Sion Brain 332 points) (2nd Conner Maher 230 points) (3rd Heiner Winkler 192 points)

18/12/09 Beach Fishing

I went out fishing with my 2 sons and a good friend Ivor on one of our beaches we caught so many fish I could not put a number on it, with flounder coming in at 3 at a time and a few coalies and 1 small bass, we were fishing late evening to early hours of the morning, but I must say it was freezing,I can't wait for the weather to get a little milder and for the winds to change to south to s/west for the surf to get up, ready for the big bass.I will be waiting.

16/12/09 yepee fish have moved back in

with all the flood water gone, fish have started to move back to shore, with some good results coming in with flounder over 2lb and bass to 3lb not big but plenty of them, it looks good for the coming winter.

just came in from bass fishing 20/10/09

I just got in, and the bass fishing have picked up tremendously today I caught 4 bass to 5lb and 6 flounder, just what I needed, now look out the winter bass fishing.

14/10/09 mullet & wrasse

I have just came from guiding, Schmidinger Gerhard from Germany, and what a good time he had, catching mullet to 5lb & wrasse he had never caught mullet before he was supprised to land 6 mullet to 5lb and lost 2 more, and he also pulled in a wrasse of 3lb on a quiver tip rod, he done very well for his first session

flounder & trigger fish 05/10/09

plenty of flounder around on the beachs, also still plenty of trigger fish pollack and wrasse and mackerel at bolus head and kildreelig.& boolakeel some top marks for those anglers who want to catch triggers.


I was out guiding with Ron from belfast, he had a great time catching plenty of fish, 7 mullet, garfish, mackerel, pollack, and trigger fish, he was going to fish the lake for salmon & seatrout but it was very calm, he decided to try the sea, and was well pleased.

26/09/09 mullet

I was guiding 3 lads from Tralee and they all cauhgt mullet which was very good, you dont often see all 3 persons catching mullet well done lads.

25/09/09 mullet fishing

I was out with big phil from belfast, and what a good time we had on the mullet phil caught mullet to 4lb great fun on light tackle,we had 6 in all, Mullet the bone fish of Ireland


Trigger fish 13/09/09

I just came back, and what a session I had on the triggers, I caught over 25 fish between 1lb 8oz to 3lb not big but what a great time I had, catching them on a quiver tip rod and 8lb line and lost a lot more, few pollack and mackerel also.

4th and 5th September

We have two lads staying with us, and have been 4 times to Ireland, but never caught a fish. We took them out yesterday and caught Flounder, Turbot, and Bass, And today they caught Bass to 4lb plenty of Pollack, and Trigger fish. 1 of the lads is from Australia, and the other lad is from South Africa, they are going home with a smile.

mullet 27/08/09

with all the bad weather we have had I still managed to pull out some good mullet to 5lb today, it was nice to go and get a bend in the rod.

few bass and trigger fish, 20/08/09

bass are still a bit slow, but there are a few being caught, plenty of trigger fish about to 4lb not as big as last year at the moment, still a good few weeks to go, I finding the pollack are not as good as previous years, plenty of wrasse and mackerel, to much flood water great for the seatrout and salmon.

THE BOOK 17/07/09

bass fishing 14/07/09
I was out guiding with 2 lads from Bangor, Chris Vaughan, and Bruce Haire, I had the 2 lads up early in the morning, and it payed off with 4 bass to 3lb 8oz bruce caught is first ever bass, and with excitment he picked me up and give me a sloppy kiss, I have not seen anyone so happy to catch bass for a long time, well done lads keep it up.

07/07/09 Apologies jush finished my book
My apologies for not up dateing with any fishing results, I have done plenty on fishing over the last few weeks, we have been catching plenty of bass on the fly and plugs, there are plenty of pollack mackerel and mullet about, A frend of my came over from wales for a few days with his family, and the only way I could get him to catch a few mullet was early in the morning where I brought him to one of my mullet marks, we ground bait some old mackerel, and went for a little drive to take some photos, by the time we came back the mullet were there in force, so we got the rods out and we landed 5 mullet to 5lb in 30mins, A good morning. lots of results coming in with good size seatrout and salmon But I have just finished writing my book on fishing, The book is called, (The Practical Guide to fishing the south kerry Coast) which I am having a book Launch on 18/07/09 at waterville and will be on sale at my shop Waterville Angling Center.

9lb 12oz seatrout 17/6/09

I caught a fine seatrout on Wednesday, with a big flood and lots of weed coming down the river I was just about to give up and said to my self last cast, and when the rod bent over I new it would be a good fish, I had no net so I had to play the fish well and about 20mins later I manged to lift the seatrout out by hand, 28inc and 9lb 12oz is my best to date.

seatrout 15/05/09 bass season closed untill 15/06/09

I was out on the lake on friday with clients and just stared fishing within 2 mins we were in to a seatrout of 4lb 8oz, there have been a lot of fish on the lake this year more then the last few years, I am looking forward to try and catch a good few salmon & seatrout this year.

salmon 9/5/09

I had my first salmon of the year, which is great, a fish of 8lb I have only been out on the lake 3 times,looking forward to getting out more often,

06/05/09 bass

I went for a cast after I closed the shop, there as been so many bass around, I am trying to get in as much as I can before closed season, which is on the 15/05/09 untill the 15/06/09 one month of rest, anyway I had 7 casts and landed 5 bass to 5lb in 1 and a half hours fishing, just what I needed.

05/05/09 Still plenty of bass

There are still plenty of bass arround, I was out with big Phil from belfast at the weekend, and we caught a good few bass to 8lb, plus I was talking to a few lads, they also said there is good fishing for bass, I hope it keeps it up, tight lines.

A Tough day at the office 25/04/09

5 Lads came down from Clonaklity on saturday morning at 4am, they didnt have time to get clothes out of the cars or even have a coffee. When I said, come on lads the fish don't wait for no man, so they followed me to a mark and set up the rods with peeler crab, and after about 20mins I was getting a bit up tight with no bites, until Like a flash in a pan the bass came on the feed, there was 5 bass caught up to 62cm, there was a good few missed, but the lads had a blast of a time, they also know how to fish rough ground now, keep in touch

Brave Harte 22/04/09

we were out for a cast last night despite the rough weather, on my first cast I landed a bass of 55cm and 2 more to follow, while chris landed 3 bass to 58cm and one dog fish, but when the weather calmed down the bass went off the feed,there are still plenty of bass around if you get the right weather, or if it does calm down we will change to fly fishing and pluging.

night fishing 11/04/09

The last time I went all night fishing was about 9 years ago, doing my very first Article for the Angling Ireland magazine which is no longer available, we had 4 lads staying with us for one night and one days fishing, with the weather getting calm, I decided to take the lads night fishing for bass to give them the best chance of success,fair play, the lads were up for it so off we went, at midnight to one of my little marks, with in 10 minutes Steve was in with the first, just the start we needed, and after that they just kept on coming, we landed 13 bass in all biggest was 62cm and all fish were returned alive, All the lads are from Belfast and it takes them about 7 hours to get to us, Tight lines.

comp 04/04/09

we had a comp on one of our local beachs with fair results, there were 13 bass and 11 flounder and 1 mullet, biggest bass was 58cm david o'sullivan and winner of the comp. there are still good reports coming to the shop with bass

reports of bass 29/03/09

there are still good result of bass getting caught, fish up to 6lb, I will just have to work a little harder before I can get back out.

Lake fishing 24/03/09

I was out on the lake today with my son sion, there was a big hatch of duck fly, and the amount of good trout we seen was amazing,
but we were after salmon, but with no joy, we seen a good number of big fish and one was estimated around 16 to 20lb what a fish, we trolled for a good hour, but could not get him to take, sod, may be next time.

weather 17/03/09

with the weather due to change for the better, and the fishing getting better for pluging and fly fishing, its a time of the year to start to get excited, with the water starting to settle, I am looking forward to getting out on the fly, and the reason for this, is I am convinced with the amount of bass we have caught over the winter and quality, speaks for itself, I am sure we will land a double on the fly this year with cliants, although we have had a few doubles figure bass last year,on plugs and bait,who is going to be the one, that hooks a biggy and land it, our biggest bass to date on the fly is a 9lb 8oz

13/03/09 bass

I just got in and another 2 bass one of 8lb and one of 6lb, cracking surf up,on razor fish, I dont know wheather to watch the rugby or go fishing I will see how I feel tomorrow, tight lines.

2 more bass 11/03/09

I was out for a short time this afternoon, and 2 more bass, first bass of 48cm about 3lb, and the second 59cm fish of about 7lb, I lost 2 more, but I tryed one of my summer marks, just to see if they were there, and the bass seem to be showing at a ealry time of year at this mark. although we catch bass 12 months of the year

03/03/09 sorry but bass again

I have not been out for a few weeks because my father passed away, and I could not get motivated,untill today I just closed the tackle shop and went fishing, I went on one of my marks with razor fish and crab, I had a great time I landed 5 bass, but should have caught 9 biggest was 55cm about 4lb plus

Still good reports 01/03/09

there are still good reports coming in of plenty of bass to 6lb, there are normaly a few double figure bass around at this time of year also, I just have not been able to get out as I am trying hard to finish my book on angling, but I did get out for a look at some marks and to my supprise I seen 100s and 100s of mullet which is good to see, but they seem to be very early this year again.

just came in 28/01/09
we fished a club venew at the week end 17 anglers in all with a very bad result only one flounder caught, so I went back to the same place to fish where I wanted to fish, and caught 3 bass and 7 flounder, I just wanted to see if there was any thing wrong, there wasn't. tight lines.

18/01/09 bass on bait

despite the bad weather,I still got out for a few hours, and just got in wet but happy, I had 5 bass to 6lb, there was a few lads fishing but with no joy I just wanted to see if the bass are still about and they are, 3 bass on crab and 2 on razor fish.I think I will be giving the bass a bit of a rest as the salmon season have open.

6/01/09 first bass of the year

dispite the cold weather,I still went to have a cast with a plug, and with great delight I managed 2 bass to 4lb on the plug, A great start for the year.



xmas comp 28/12/08 KB ATLANTIC BAITS

we have had our 4th xmas comp at hogs head with plenty of fish caught, whiting, pounting, wrasse, conger eel, pollack, dabs, and for the second year in a row I have won, it took over 2 hours and 10 mins for me to get my first bite, with everyone giving me abuse my head was down untill the first fish came along, and then it was no stoping me, I won the comp easily and not only that I won the biggest round fish pool A fine pollack of 55cm, another job done, tight lines

23/12/08 bass and flounder

just got in, I went fishing with my wife and 2 sons,which we have not done for a while, so we decided to have a family comp me and christine against our 2 lads, the comp went well with 19 bass and 8 flounder, I am not going to tell you who won,

photos 20/12/08

I just got in, I went to one of my marks to take a few photos, as I am writeing a book on angling so I took the rod and a little bit of bait, first cast I had a 4lb bass second cast a bass of 6lb 8oz again 3rd cast another bass 6lb 8oz whats going on here, so I will squeeze one more cast with the bait that I have got, and yes I could not beleve it last cast another bass of 4lb all in one hours fishing, just goes to show you never know when the fish are on the feed,this is turning into one hell of a winter for bass. tight lines.

december bass 16/12/08
This is with out doubt, one of the best Decembers I have seen for more than 8 years. I have just come in from one of my marks and I landed 14 bass to 4lb, I am hoping to get back out on Thursday with any luck. I just can't believe how good it is, or is it all the work that I have done over the last 25years plus. tight lines.

bass 15/12/08
Sorry for the delay, been on my hols and computer have been down, now back to work, I went out for a cast last night, not expecting to much with the cold spell that we had, but I had a great time, I landed 11 bass all around 2 to 3lb A very good night.

typical terry from the Irish Angler has gone home,but the wearther has ghanged for the worst and the surf was up, so I went chaseing the bass and on my first cast I hooked into a 8lb bass just the start I was looking for and on the second cast bass again of 3.8 and the third cast a 4.8 bass then the fourth cast a 3lb and fifth cast a 4lb bass and 4 flounder to 1.12oz thats more like it all fish were returned alive.

I have been doing an article for mag for a few days and what a tough time we had, with only 5 bass coming to the rods, we decided to target different species such as pollack, wrasse, garfish,mackerel, flounder and of coarse the faithful dogs, which more then made up for the bass, we really did try hard, with the weather not being the best for bass we had to make do with other species,

saetrout and bass 08/10/08
I was fishing this morning with simon and jeff pluging for bass with chug bugs,the condtions was not the best but we give a go,
we been fishing for 20 mins and I was about 50 metrs away from jeff when he shouted I in to a fish and started making my way over to him then simon said its a seatrout on a poper no way I thought until the fish was laned yes a seatrout of about 2lb I could not belive it the fish was returned alive
after 10 more mins I hit into a bass of about 4lb and a few scale sample tacken then returned to fight another day

computation 5/10/08 inch beach
we had a comp on inch beach on the weekend where I came in second for a change the winner john caught 10 bass and 3 flounder and me had 7 flounder 3 bass and 1 place, I also won the biggest bass and biggest flounder pool which was nice,

Article for French magazine 27/09/08

I was out fishing with Julien Lajournade from VOYAGES DE PECHE MAGAZINE from francs where we caught a few bass to 7 LB and a few mullet to 4lb 2oz, it was nice to see the bass starting to move again, I look forward to the rest of the year, tight lines kevin.I have still got 100% record of doing articles for bass

bass 1/9/08

I was out on monday night after bass and what a night with 12 bass to about 7lb coming to the rods, so I went back out the following night only to lad 3 bass to 6lb and the night after only to lad 1 bass of 14inchs whats going on here. I have not seen a bass since, the water temp as droped from 16 c to 13.2 in less than a week something going on in deeper waters,

A cancellation booking 24/08/08
I was suppose to take out a few lads fishing yersterday but they cancelled last monment , but I was tackle up for it any how so I went on to one of my marks, Lads you mist out I fished for 2 and half hours and landed 6 bass to 5lb may be next time,

sorry for the delay 21/08/08
the reason I have not put any results on the web site, that there are a few people copying my results to there benifit,
now back to busniess the amout of bass we have caught over past few weeks is unbelievable, with night fishing toping the list, up to 12 bass in a 3 hour season from 3lb to 7lb there are so many bass around at the monment you just cant fail, I have been fishing here since 1982 and a guide from feburary 2000 and I must say I have nerver see so many bass ???? I wonder how much damage the salmon nets was doing, to the bass also, plus the first gilthead bream caught on one of our beachs by pat from cork,weldone that man, tight lines.

bass again,27/07/08
I was out this morning with jeff my wifes sisters husband, that was a mouth full, we caught 2 bass the first was 55cm about 4lb 8oz plus, and the second was 70cm weight of 9lb 8oz plus,

21/07/08 lb11-4oz bass
After having a few weeks rest from the bass,and having a great time on the salmon & seatrout, it is actually nice to get back fishing for bass. I was out with clients this morning,Mathew Thomas from Sloihull, West Midlands,whos his 18, caught a fine specimin bass of 11 lb 4 oz !!!one great achievment.It was a dream come true for Mathew,the bass was caught on a secret method,but most importantly a few photos and he kissed the bass goodbye, and returned it alive!!! Well done to that man. Tight Lines to all,

brown and seatrout 06/07/08

what a tought day on the boat with the wind blowing, but still we landed over 20 fish today between brownies and seatrout, ok not very big but some casts we would have double hook ups, it was a tought day but enjoyable,

There have been a nice few salmon & seatrout showing over the past few days, with lots of water in the rivers,it has made a big diffrents on the fishing, I have been out lots of times over the past few days and only failed one time, which is not bad, mind you I lost the biggest fish a salmon of about 9lb, but useing quiver tip rods and 8lb line we do give the fish a fighting chance and some times they win,

salmon & seatrout 21/06/08
what a days fishing my son gareth had on the river, with 2 cracking fish, first he hooked a seatrout of 7lb and then a little later hooked into a fine salmon of 12lb the 2 fish where caught on a small rod and 4lb line, yes 4lb line he had to go with the fish down river for a good few merters, untill he played the fish out, spot on son well done,

salmon 20/06/08
I was up early this morning going to fish the river, and could not believe that one of the locals beat me to fish one of the marks,so I stoped and had a chat, and as we said our fair wells and good luck,I fished a few pools above ????, and on my fourth cast I hooked into a lonely salmon of about 5lb nice size for the table for a change, it looks like I went to the right mark, thank you ????.

ray and conger 15/06/08
A fair day at the office on sundy, with Ivor,mike,& PJ, with a nice few t.b.rays and conger to over 10lb we had 7 speices in all with the sun shineing all day and plenty of fish coming to the rods

seatrout & salmon
A great day on the lake last wednesday with 4 seatrout and one salmon we topped the board on wednesday and friday with yet more salmon to 3lb8oz not big but job done again, tight lines.

we are flat out at the moment getting bait with plenty of mackerel around we are trying to make the most of things with vac pack and blast freezing bait, any way its closed season at the moment for bass untill the 15/06/08 then here we go again, its nice to have a little brake from the bass, plus its the time of year to catch tope and stingray from the shore and of course plenty of bullhuss, tight lines for now.

I thought things was going to get very tough with the esterly winds but we still caught 5 bass ok not very big, the biggest was 50cm about 3-1/2LB but still the sun was shineing down on us

plety of salmon and bass 05/05/08
there have been a glut of salmon & bass over the past few days with salmon to 8LB and bass to 6LB,
we have a few guys staying with us and they are very happy with the results so far but now with the esterly winds I think things are going to get a bit tough,
we will see

got some freinds over at the moment, so I toke them for some ballen wrasse and a fair day we had with plenty of fish to 21/2lb to about a little over 3lb, lots more to come.

24/04/08 Flounder fishing,
Hi guys, What a 2 day session I have had, first we went looking for a place to catch good flounder and plenty of them which we did, Flouder to 44cm not bad but I am sure that there will be a lot bigger to come, you will find uot shortly.

25/04/08 BASS
Fishing with Ivor O'conner from ballinskelligs,Ivor who has nerver done any bass fishing before had a very exciting day with 5 bass in all coming to the rods,
me with the very first cast hooked into a bass of about 4lb Ivor was well plesaed to see a bass, and on the second cast using razor fish I hooked into yet another bass a bit smaller,
but then Ivors rod buckled over and hooked his very first bass, fish of about 2lb he was delighted and could not believe that he caught a bass
and then I hooked up again with another bass of about 3lb and after that things got a bit quiet so I decided to move to another mark where Ivor hooked into the biggest bass of the day,
a nice bass of about 5lb+ and all the bass was returned alive with only taking a few scale samples for C.F.B. CENTRAL FISHERIES BOARD NOW IVOR IS HOOKED tight lines for now.

bass again 20/04/08
Hi guys, just come in from bass fishing I only had 3 bass today to 4lb in 2 hours fishing, I should have caught 5 but 1 of those things, but one of the bass had a bite mark on it of a seal the bass was only 3lb 8oz and there was a seal in front of me when I started to fish,

I must put on the L plates 11/04/08
I caught 2 bass today and I should have caught at least 5 in 1-1/2 hours fishing, I hope this is just a bad day at the office, as I have got a comp at the weekend. more to follow.

25/03/08 Article for Global Game Angler Magizine.with editors Thomas Michael and Peter Wahl
what a week we have had with the northly cold wind blowing all week,

but we still managed several bass to over 7lb 63cm on the fly and plugs.
also a few bass coming to baits when the weather was to rough to fish any other method

there was also flounder to 1lb.8oz and the old faithful dogs and rockling
I have be doing articles for angling magizines since september 2000 and progames for sky discovery with henry gillby,

but I must say this is one of the hardest I have done to date,with the weather being so bad

but I still got 100% on all my articles I have done on bass, I am still yet to fail.
I hope it never happens.

Rough wearther but a great day 12/03/08
dispite all the rough wearther, I still managed to get out on the bass on one of my marks
fishing 2 rods with razorfish for bait and frozen black lug on the either rod both rods produced bass 5 in all not big to about 4lb 8oz and all returned alive

I still think we are in for a cracker of a year. tight lines to all

bass bass and more bass

We had a frend russell staying with us for a few nights we managed to get out and do some bass fishing.
On the first cast I caught a bass of 2lb8oz and russell was still setting up.
On my second cast I had another bass of 2lb and I turned round to see russell in a little bit of a mess with line so I stop fishing for a few mins to give him some help.
Then on his first cast he had a bass of 3lb as he could not stop catching bass we had 10 in all in 2 hours.
Fishing the biggest fish was about 4lb and all returned alive,,,,,,,,,,, there has been a clut of bass over the last few days with over 41 bass coming to the rod in the last 4 days,,,,,,,,,,
I went out for a cast today sunday 22/04/07 and spent 30mins fishing and had a bass of 7 1/2lb I have not seen it this good for a number of years I hope it keeps up, tight lines to all.

plenty of bass
I was booked up with a few lads from belfast, none of them have ever caught bass before until they met me.
They booked me for a days guiding with excitment in there eyes. I took them to one of my marks where they bagged up mackerel, pollack, wrasse, coalfish and ling, and then we went on the bass where steven caught 2 bass to 5lb, and then the follwing day they went back to the bass mark and had 4 more bass to 8lb. There was no stoping these lads and also in between they had 2 mullet to 5lb we will be back they said, lads see you soon, tight lines, kevin.