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We have been the subject of many Angling Articles throughout Europe in Magazines such as Irish Angler, Total Sea Fishing, Today's FlyFisher, Sea Angler also different magazines in Denmark, Germany and Sweden, just to mention but a few.

But there is one that stands out by far is one we worked on with Henry Gilby. He stayed with us for a week in early June '05 and he could not believe the amount of different species we caught from the shore including Bass, Ray, Pollack, Conger Eel, Cod, Flounder, Wrasse, Mullet, Bull Huss and of course Mackerel. And if you are really lucky you could also catch a Stingray or Tope, all from the shore.


Little did we know that when Henry came over this was just a taste of what was to come.




Early in the year of 2006 Henry phoned us and asked if we would be interested in guiding for him again to do an angling program for TV.

He said with our knowledge of the Kerry Coast we can make a great program for Sky Discovery, so arrangements were made for the following June with 4 days Filming we had once again great success with the amount of different species.


The series is showing from January 2007.